ocean beach map poster



What is the shipping cost?

Free Shipping for the Ocean Beach Map Souvenir Poster in the United States. Standard International Shipping costs apply to orders shipped out the the US.


When will my poster be shipped?

We will usually ship your poster on the same business day if the order is placed before 5:00pm PST. Please allow 2-5 business days for arrival within the United States.


Who is the shipping company?

We use USPS Priority Mail for shipping.


How will my poster be shipped?

All posters are professionally enclosed in a 2 mil industrial poly sleeve that repel moisture and dust and are then shipped in a very sturdy 3-ply spiral wound 2 x 24" shipping tube with end caps taped shut.


How many posters can be shipped in one tube?

We can fit up to 5 posters in one shipping tube without risk of damaging the prints. 1-5 posters would be one shipping tube and no shipping fee (in the US). 6-10 would be two tubes with a 5% discount on shipping, 11-15, 3 tubes with 10% shipping discount, 16-20, 4 tubes with 15% shipping discount and 21-50 would be shipped in a flat box.

ocean beach map poster souvenir
ocean beach map poster souvenir